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Q: Is a reflex act a learned or unlearned response?
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Which law did the U.S. Congress pass as a response to the Dust Bowl?

Soil Conservation Act

Riboswitches are folded RNAs that act as switches to turn protein synthesis on or off in response to .?

changes in the environment

Why does a sperm doesn't act as foreign to induce immune response?

Sometimes the sperm does induce an immune response - some infertility problems are caused by women having anti-sperm antibodies which kill the sperm before it has the opportunity to fertilise the ova.

How do livng things respond to stimuli?

There are two types of responses to stimuli. 1)Deep response which requires integration by the brain such as thinking. 2)Simple response which is done by reflex arc. The reflex Arc is consisted if receptor, sensory neuron, relay neuron, motor neuron and effector which is either muscle or gland. For example in humans. If your hand touches a hot object. Heat receptors in your hand will act as sensor, passing an impulse by generating action potential in the sensory neuron. The sensory neuron passes the impulse to along it till reaching the spinal cord passing the impulse to the relay neuron by a process called synapse. The relay neuron synapse with motor neuron to pass the impulse to it. The end of the motor neuron is connected to the bi-ceps muscle in the arm. As the impulse reaches the end of the motor neuron it passes impulse to the muscle ordering it to contract, thus the hand is removed away from stimulus. This process take a fraction of a second.

Why do all molecules which have the property of antigenicity do not have the property of immunogenicity?

Because we know that all molecules that act as antigens produce an antibody so they have a property of antigenicity but not all give the immune response.

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Who really knows Harlem?

To expel intestinal gas through the anus; break wind.Noun1.fart - a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus breaking wind, farting, flatus, windinborn reflex, innate reflex, instinctive reflex, physiological reaction, reflex, reflex action, reflex response, unconditioned reflex - an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulusVerb1.fart - expel intestinal gases through the anus break windact involuntarily, act reflexively - act in an uncontrolled manner

Which term does not belong predictable response voluntary act involuntary act or reflex?

Voluntary Act

Why do the fins on your betta act aggressivly even when there are no other fish around?

The fish is aggressive. It is possible that he sees his own reflection somewhere. He may also perceive you as a threat, and this is his reflex response.

What is a frog's behavioral adaptation?

Behavioral Adaptations are ways in which organisms act in response to their environment. Some behavioral adaptations are learned, and some are instinctive. With that being said, a learned adaptation is taught to the young by the parents. So I guess it would be the way that they have learned to hunt!

How does a reflex cause you to act so quickly?

It bypasses the brain.

Trace the path of an impulse in a reflex act?

i dont know the answer

What was the colonists' response to the Townshend Act?

The response from the colonists was anger.

Do dogs' tongues act as a spoon or what?

Yes,it does.They have a special reflex.

The Boston Tea Party was in response to what act?

The tea act

The British Parliament enacted the Coercive Act in response to what event?

The Coercive Act was enacted in response to the Boston tea party

British parliament enacted the coercive act in response to what event?

The Coercive Act was enacted in response to the Boston tea party

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