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water and trees

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Q: Name one chemical found in maple syrup?
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What is another name for maple syrup?


How did maple syrup get its name?

It's just a description - it's a syrup (a thick, sweet liquid) made from the sap of maple trees.

What is the source of maple syrup?

maple trees it is in the name they produce maple and maple farmers harvest the maple and then the freeze it into a thicker liquid with cane syrup witch comes from a cane plant. after it is done freezing they add sugar and other ingredents. then it is manufactured and put in a bottle, then sold.

What is the chemical name of syrup?

yumoserin Simple.

What is the chemical name for corn syrup?


What the name of the tree you get sugar from?

You can get sugar from any tree, it comes in the form of sap. However, the sugar maple has the highest concentration of sugar and is the best for making maple syrup.

Is maple a good name for a cat?

Yes, I think so. Especially if the cat is a honey-syrup-caramel colour.

Canada's national famous food?

maple syrup, beaver tails (that is not actuallybeaver tails its the name of the food) and poutine.

How did the Iroquois use the natural resources of the Woodlands name at least three ways?

They used the forests for wood (longhouses, palisades, canoes etc.), they made maple syrup from maple sap (the first maple syrup.) and they also used it for the animals (moose, deer, rabbits etc.). Does that answer what you are looking for? (I forgot to log in so i am just reposting it.)

Name the two things that Vermont is know for?

Maple Syrup and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream or Morgan horses and dairy products.

Scientific name of maple tree?

Maple trees are a deciduous tree sometimes used for syrup, lumber, or decoration, of the Genus Acer. There are many recognized species of maple, most notably Acer saccharum(sugar maple), Acer rubrum (red maple), Acer palmatum(Japanese maple), Acer platanoides (Norway maple), Acer buergerianum (trident maple), Acer campestre (field maple), and Acer saccarinum (silver maple).

What foods are famous in Canada?

beaver tails... (they're not actual beaver tails that's just the name of them) maple syrup poutine (mostly in Quebec)

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