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Type your answer here... there are 5 branches of physics

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Q: What are the branches of physics and their examples?
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What is the examples of branches of science?

There are lots of branches of science, including biology, chemistry, and physics.

Enumerate the different branches oh physics?

branches of physics ??????

5 branches of physics and their definition?

give 5 branches of physics

5 branches of physics 5 example?

5 branches of physics

What are the branches of modern physics?

The Branches of modern physics are mainly 2.1)Quantam Physics2)RelativityThere is also classical physics. as a bonus the branches of classical physics is mainly.1) Mechanics2) Electromagnetism3) Thermodynamics.P.S. In both modern and classical physics there are more than those branches given but these are like the main ones.There are seven branches of modern physics. These branches are quantum physics, relativistic physics, low-temperature physics, condensed matter physics, atomic and nuclear physics, solid-state physics, and plasma physics.

What is the importance of the branches of physics?

the importance of the branches of physics is to know how their uses and their function to the community of physics.. -rhael-

Give 5 branches of classical physics?

give 5 branches of physics

What are the 5 branches of physics and their meanings?

give me at least 5 branches of physics

What are the branches of pure physics?

There are two main branches of pure physics. These are quantum physics and applied physics and they both focus on different aspects of physics.

What are 10 branches of physics?

Examples are:nuclear physics,astrophysics,biophysics,solid state physics,geophysics,particle physics,physical cosmology,neurophysics,theoretical physics, acoustics, mechanics, thermodynamics etc.medical physicsphysical chemistryclassical mechanics

What are the branches and subbranches of physics with their definitions?

There are many branches and subbranches of physics. Some examples are: acoustics (the study of mechanical waves), astrophysics (the study of the universe), geophysics (the study of the earth), and thermodynamics (the study of temperature and pressure changes).

What are the 2 branches of physics?

Experimental physics and Theoretical physics.

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