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There are 4 main theories about parallel uni/multiverses(yes, that is the correct term).

Type 1. There are parallel Earths elsewhere in this universe- there could be an infinite number of parallel Earths, or any random number, each one with different outcomes of everything, changing whether you have green hair, or brown hair, or no hair at all. this is all to do with the butterfly effect, which is when one thing changes huge things, like war, or politics.

Type 2. In this theory, there is a thing called hyper space, which is what contains multiverses. In hyper space, there is nothing, and that means absolutely nothing at all, but other theories say that hyper space is riddled with dark matter, which is invisible- at least to our eyes. These multiverses are in universal bubbles, which float around in hyper space, and could eventually collide with each other. This means that we might be able to find a way to transport to or at least make contact with these other multiverses. As in the first theory, the different multiverses have different outcomes.

Type 3. This is the hardest theory to get your head around. First, each multiverse is flat. O.K? Now, each multiverse is connected by invisible strands of matter to 'membranes' the same size as the multiverses. These 'membranes are pulsating like waves, and keep the multiverses going. These multiverses and membranes look like this:

l-I l-I l-I l-I

l-I l-I l-I l-I

l-I l-I l-I l-I

l-I l-I l-I l-I

l-I l-I l-I l-I

In this diagram, l is a multiverse, - is an invisible strand of matter, and I is a pulsating membrane.

And, finally, type 4. There are no parallel uni/multiverses, and we are alone. But this is boring, so ignore it.

Hope I helped : )

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Q: What are the different theories about parallel universes?
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What are the names of the parallel universes?

Parallel Universes are a theory.

Are there other universes?

Yes, there are. The different universes within the multiverse are called "parallel universes", "other universes", "alternate universes", or "many worlds". No one has actually discovered these yet but Scientists know they are there.

When was Parallel Universes - film - created?

Parallel Universes - film - was created in 2001.

How do parallel universes work?

There was never a big bang until around 10,000 years after the world began this created parallel universes but the laws of gravity are different because of illusions. every 10,000 years there will be a bang to create new parallel universes

How do you get to the parallel universe?

We don't know (and may never know) for certain that there are parallel universes, let alone how to "get to" them. Some theories postulate that you can get to a parallel universe by entering a black hole. I'll let you try it first.

How are parallel universes found?

According to some cosmological theories, there is not a single universe but several - even infinitely many - universes. However, they are diverged at the Big Bang and the start of time. It is, therefore, unlikely that anyone will ever be able to find a parallel universe, much less travel to it.

How can you explore parallel universes?

You can't. If parallel universes do indeed exist - and this is not exactly proven - they would probably be unreachable for us.

What actors and actresses appeared in Parallel Universes - 2014?

The cast of Parallel Universes - 2014 includes: Liran Nathan as Aden

Are there infinite parallel universes in the multiverse?

Theoretically, there are infinite parallel universes in the multiverse, however it is not necessarily widely accepted that the multiverse exists.

What is the 'super universe'?

7 universes spinning counter clock wise. Another viewpoint. The only time that I have seen this term used is as another way of saying the "Multiverse". The Multiverse is a large number of "parallel" Universes. There are several different theories that propose the Multiverse, of which our Universe would be just a small part.

Are there parallel universes?

A sufficiently backed answer to this question is currently impossible; though the existence of parallel universes is possible.This really depends on what you believe to be real.

Is there genuine proof of parallel universes?

No, not at this time.

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