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galvanometer is a device use to measure current.

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Q: What does a galvanometer measure?
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What is the unit of measure for a galvanometer?


What does the galvanometer measure?

electric current

What is a galvanometer used for?

A gavanometer measure electricity

How do you find resistance of a galvanometer?

Measure the voltage across the terminals and read the current from the galvanometer at the same time.

How do you convert galvanometer to ohmmeter?

To convert a galvanometer to an ohmmeter an external battery is attached in series with galvanometer. This will drive a current through an external unknown resistance and measure the resulting current using the galvanometer.

What is the function of galvanometer?

To measure electric current intensity.

What is galvalometer?

i think this is galvanometer so galvanometer is a device which detect the current as well as it measure small amount of current

What are some applications of tangent galvanometer?

Some common applications of a tangent galvanometer are as follows: used to measure the magnitude of the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field, compare the galvanometer constants.

What instrument is used to measure electric current?

A galvanometer or milliammeter.

What is a galvanometer measure?

Electrical current stated or displayed as Amperage

What are the function of an galvanometer?

is an instrument used to measure electric current

Why do you connect galvanometer in series?

You connect a galvanometer in series with the circuit being measured, because the galvanometer is a form of ammeter, although an extremely sensitive one, and ammeters measure the current in a series circuit.

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