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Alexandrite is a gemstone as well as a birthstone. Alexandrite is VERY expensive, gem/birthstone. Alexandrite is the birthstone of June the Gemini. Gemini is like what animal you are in the Chinese calendar. The Gemini is twins. You can tell your horroscope, birthstone, and what kind of person you are. I hope this helped a little.

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Q: What gemstone is alexandrite a varity of?
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What gemstone is alexandrite a variety of?

Alexandrite is a variety of Chrysoberyl

What are some stones that begin with the letter A?

Alexandrite is a gemstone. It begins with the letter a.

What is the gemstone for June?

Month: June Traditional Birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite Modern Birthstones: Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite I would say Pearl and Alexandrite can only be classified as modern birthstones. Agate is the true traditional birthstones for June.

What is a red gemstone beginning with A?

Alexandrite, though this also comes in a variety of colours other than red.

What is the worlds most precious gemstone?

If you mean specifically, then noone really knows. If you mean the type, then it's the Alexandrite. The finest Alexandrite is worth up to $100,000USD per carat. But, the rarest gemstone is Black Opal which can only be found in three known mines which are located in Australia.

Can the woman buy engagement ring?

Yes, Women can buy an engagement ring. But if you are looking to buy an engagement ring of alexandrite gemstone then you can buy the best quality & designer alexandrite rings online at the best price from GemsNY where you can find an antique collection of alexandrite gemstone jewelry and also other pieces of precious & semi-precious gemstone jewelry of variety of colors, shapes & sizes.

Is October the only one with two birthstones?

There are several actually March Gemstone: Aquamarine, Bloodstone June Gemstone: Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite August Gemstone: Peridot, Sardonyx October Gemstone: Opal, Pink Tourmaline November Gemstone: Citrine, Yellow Topaz December Gemstone: Turquoise, Blue Zircon or Topaz The most common gemstone swap are June for Alexandrite, because pearl is the softest gemstone with hardness rating 2.5-4.5. October because Opal is a soft stone with hardness rating 5.5-6.5. November December since turquoise is a soft stone with hardness rating 5-6.

What are some gemstone names?

Well, there is....(deep breath) Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Oynx, Alexandrite and *cough* yeah....................

How many types of gemstone have in the world?

There are many kinds of gemstones such as Amethyst Stone, Star Ruby Gemstone, Ceylon Moon Stone, Red Coral Gemstone, Bangkok Blue Sapphire Stone, Pearl (Moti) Gemstone, Sulemani Akik Stone, Yemeni Red Akik Stone, Black Akik Stone, Zircon Gemstone, Cats Eye Gemstone, Cats Eye Gemstone, Citrine Gemstone, Peridot Gemstone, Alexandrite Gemstone, Aquamarine Gemstone, Star Ruby Gemstone, Srilankan Blue Sapphire Stone, Brazil Emerald Gemstone, Turquoise Gemstone, Topaz Gemstone, Australian Opal Gemstone, Tigers Eye Stone, yellow sapphire pukhraz Gemstone, Gomed Gemstone, Garnet Gemstone.

What is the name of a gemstone that changes colors?

andesine, Alexandrite, tsavorite, Garnet, Sapphire & Spinel. they change their color under torch light (yellow).

What is the color of alexandrite?

The unique factor for alexandrite is that it has the ability to change color; from green to blue-green it can change to shades of red when under incandescent light. It is also used for alternative healing.

Where can one find Alexandrite jewelry?

Alexandrite is a gemstone that is often referred to as the β€œlove stone” due to its unique color. It is said to bring love and happiness to those who wear it. So anyone who wants to purchase alexandrite jewelry online then GemsNY, Angara, Jamesallen, etc. are one of the best places where can one buy real, natural, and certified alexandrite jewelry.

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