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In water it will dissociate into ions.

In hydrocarbon solvents it cannot dissociate.

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Q: What happens when an acid is dissolved?
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What happens to the inside the stomache?

it is dissolved with stomach acid.

What happens wnen boric acid is added to water?

Boric acid is dissolved in water.

What happens to carbon dioxide when dissolved in water?

when carbon dioxide when dissolved in water produses carbonic acid-(H2CO3). acid produces hydrogen ions.

What happens to a hydrogen atom ina acid when the acid is dissolved in water?

it forms H3O+ (Hydronium ion)

What happens when sodium chloride is dissolved in formic acid?

Any reaction occur.

What happens when zinc is put into acid?

Zinc will get dissolved due to its high reactivity and giving out hydrogen gas. But if Zinc will be dissolved in Nitric acid, it will not give out hydrogen gas.

What happens when solid hydrogen perchlorate is dissolved in water?

Perchloric acid is dissociated in water.

What happens when lead reacts with hydrocloric acid?

Lead is slowly dissolved in diluted hydrochloric acid and lead chloride is formed.

6 What happens when an acid is dissolved in water?

it is still acid but weaker because the water-acid base ratio grows depending on how much water or acid base there is You need water to make acid (e.g. Hydrogen Chloride itself is not acid, it is an acid base, but when dissolved in water it is a very strong acid)

What happens to conductivity of water when an acid is dissolved in a base?

When and acid dissolves, ions are released, and the more ions in the water, the more conductivity it has.

What happens when sulfur dioxide is dissolved in water?

it turns to sulphourus acid. SO2+H2O-->H2SO3

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