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it will take the vitamins out of the Orange Juice

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2009-06-30 18:24:41
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Q: What happens when you water lima beans with orange juice?
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How much water is in orange juice?

Orange juice contains 88% water.

Will water saltwater or orange juice freeze faster?

Orange juice

Why is water better than orange juice?

Because water is better than orange juice

What happens when you mix water and orange juice?

When you mix water and orange juice you get watered down or diluted orange juice. If there is much more water than juice, you just get a yellowish water with a faint orange flavor. It will not be harmful but it will not taste very good. If you have about 10 percent juice and the rest is water, you an add some sugar and maye citric acid (sour salt) for tartness and it would be similar to buying orange drinks but at a great saving. It just won't have the right color. You can buy a little bottle of orange food coloring, add a drop to the orange drink at it will look normal again.

Why does orange juice freeze?

Orange juice freezes because the liquid (water) in the juice freezes.

What liquids apple juice orange juice cranberry juice or water will evaporate faster?

materials: apple juice orange juice grape juice cranberry juice soda water

Does orange juice evaporate?

No, the water in orange juice evaporates.but the pulp stays

In what order do these freeze milk water orange juice soda?

milk then soda then orange juice then water

What make water and orange juice the same?

Water and Orange juice are not the same, but Orange juice has water in it, regardless of the fact if it is 100% Orange Juice or not. This is because Oranges grow on trees. Trees take nutrients AND water from the soil. Thus, water is implemented in the making of oranges, and it is in the oranges.

Does water evaporate faster than orange juice?

Orange juice is made up mostly of water. So the water in orange juice will evaporate at the same rate as clear water. Of course the parts of the juice that are not water will remain behind. One theory is that the orange juice will absorb more light than water because of its colour.

Is orange juice a suspension or colloid?

both....the juice is a colloid in the water and the pulp is in suspension in the orange juice.

What is the composition of orange juice?

Orange juice is composed of water, orange pulp, sugar, and citric acid.

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