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An electric circuit breaker is switch that is used to protect electrical circuit from a short circuit or overload.

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Q: What is a electric circuit breaker?
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Relay is a circuit breaker or not?

No. A relay is an electric switch and a circuit breaker is an overcurrent device.

Does an electric circuit have a beaker?

Electric circuit need a main circuit breaker that can protect the whole circuit from short circuit even in ground fault. It's safer if you use breaker with built in ground protection.

Why does the circuit breaker controlling the electric heaters in the fan coil occasionally trip?

the circuit breaker has low amperes.

What is the purpose of an electric circuit breaker?

The purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect electrical wiring from overheating and starting fires.

What size circuit breaker for electric furnace?

67,500 BTU electric furnace

What is the simple protective device for an electric circuit?

Breaker or fuse.

What a device that protects an electric circuit from too much current?

A fuse, or circuit breaker.

What part in an electric circuit opens and closes the circuit?

A switch, switching transistor, or circuit breaker usually does.

What is MCB In power electronics?

Miniature Circuit Breaker. It helps to break electric circuit when there is short circuit in it.

What is the metal piece on the circuit breaker preventing it from tripping?

A circuit breaker is designed so that it will trip when the electric current is too high. That is the purpose of a circuit breaker. If there is a metal piece on the circuit breaker that prevents it from tripping, it is useless. Perhaps someone has altered it.

Which circuit breaker used for an electric clothes dryer?

In North America the most common circuit breaker for a clothes dryer is a two pole 30 amp breaker.

What is the proper ampere rating of circuit breaker for electric arc welder?

The proper ampere rating of a circuit breaker for an electric arc welder depends on the arc welder. Each is different. Look at the nameplate on the arc welder and choose the circuit breaker and wiring accordingly.

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