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Reproduction is a life process that is necessary to carry on life. An example of reproductive adaptation is the evolution of internal fertilization.

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Q: What is a reproductive adaptation?
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What is the reproductive adaptation of a dandelion?

the answer for dandelion

What is an example of a reproductive adaptation?

something like a dog adapts to reproducing

How are variation and adaptation and natural selection related?

Natural selection selects from reproductive variation to cause the adaptation of populations to their circumstances.

What is adaptation and how is it related to natural selection?

Adaptation is changes in the overall physiological makeup of a population of organisms that bestow increased reproductive fitness on the population. Natural selection causes adaptation by favouring variants with increased reproductive fitness over less reproductively successful variants.

What is reproductive adaptation?

A reproductive adaption is considered be a peculiarity of the reproductive mechanism within a species. This results in the species, whether plant or animal, to fit in better within its environment.

Which reproductive structure is the best adaptation to an area without wildlife?

dandelion fluff

What is the rough green snakes adaptation?

Two adaptations that the rough green snake have is that it is green so it blends in well with the grass. Another adaptation the rough green snake has is that it is very fast.

What reproductive adaptation is more characteristic of mammals than amphibians?

Internal fertilization with internal development

What can differential reproductive success lead to over time?

Overproduction of offspring and more changes like adaptation for survival.

What Gila monster adaptation is based on the reproductive cycles of Gambel's quails and cottontail rabbits?

fat storage in their tails

What reproductive strategy allows the most rapid adaptation in a changing environment?

switching between sexual and asexual reproduction

What structure adaptation mean?

A structural adaptation is when an animal or a living thing is adapted to its environment by the way its body is built. A structural adaptation is a physical trait that aids survival and reproductive success. Examples include 2 eyes for depth perception and 5 toes for balance.

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