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That would be the distance between the place where your

GPS says you are and the place where you really are.

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Q: What is mean by gps accuracy?
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What made gps better?

GPS accuracy greatly improved when a new feature called WAAS (wide area agumentation system) was built in. It is used with GPS systems in the ground to make accuracy better by sending accuracy to a main station, which is then routed to your GPS.

How can the accuracy of the gps be improved?

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What is the accuracy of the GPS precise service?

The accuracy for civilian use is four to five meters but for US military use the accuracy is 100%

What reduces accuracy when using a GPS?

Weak signal heavy foliage tall buildings will reduce accuracy.

Are GPS systems in cars always accurate?

Most GPS systems have an accuracy of within 10-15 meters. The accuracy of the GPS is compromised when there is an interruption or blockage of the transmission of the signal like road tunnels, mountains, or high buildings.

What does WAAS do in a GPS system?

The WAAS systems improves the accuracy, integrity, and availability in a GPS system.The WAAS specification requires the system detect errors in the GPS

Is GPS a reliable way to see where you am in the world?

It depends on the accuracy of your GPS. An accurate GPS can give you the exact coordinates of your location in the world. For the most part, the higher the cost of a GPS, the more accurate it is.

Does the time of day effect the accuracy of a GPS system?

No it does not. GPS satellites are geosynchronous, so they are in the same place 24 hours a day.

How can the accuracy of the gps system be improved?

The easiest way is differential GPS like surveyors use. Add an artificial reference satellite on ground with receiver and calculates errors between its known location and GPS location. This can do mm accuracy even with just civilian CA code.

The accuracy of GPS vehicle tracking method?

Newer Garmin GPS receiver WAAS (Wide area augmentation system) capability can improve accuracy, averaging less than three meters. No additional equipment or fees to take advantage of WAAS. Users can also get a better differential GPS (DGPS), to correct an average of three to five meters accuracy of GPS signals within range. To get the corrected signal, users must be out by the differential GPS beacon receiver and beacon antenna. Now we use the following GPS receiver for our bus railway system.

Are GPS satellite clocks really updated due to time dilation from general relativity?

Yes, they are. If they were not, your GPS would have at most an accuracy of 50 ft.

How can the accuracy of a gps system be improved when more precise info is needed?

don't use civilian GPS when DOD has activated "selective availability" mode.

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