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i think the best is a albino algae eater is the best.

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Q: What is the best algae eater?
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What is best algae eater with guppies?

A snail or a plecostomus.

Can a crayfish live with an algae eater?

No, it will eat the algae eater.

What is the best type of fish to add with an algae eater?

a shark

Do algae eater wont move or is it dead?

if an algae eater is dead than it will definitely not move anymore. The algae eater could also be alive and just resting. You can take a small stick and touch the algae eater to see if it will move.

What family is a Algae eater in?

The Pleco is of the Loricariidae family. The Chinese Algae Eater is of the Gyrinocheilidae family.

Do algae eater eat guppy fry?

no,algae eater only eat algaewhy do u think their called algae eaters

Does any animals eat algae?

There is an animal that eats algae it's called and algae eater fish. One kind is called a Jerusalem algae eater.

Are algae eaters scaleless fish?

It depends on what you are calling an "algae eater." A pleco is considered a scaleless fish. A Siamese or Chinese algae eater does have scales.

Can you put an algae eater with a betta Siamese Fighting Fish?

Yes. The fighter is a top eater whilst the algae eater will spend more time on the bottom

What if I had a six gallon tank with two small fish and about a two inch algae eater we have had the algae eater for about six weeks and there is algae everywhere you look how can i take care of this?

An algae eating species of any type isn't capable of eating all the algae in the tank. Your going to have to clean the tank yourself. The algae eater will from then on keep the algae levels in your tank down, but not totally.

Why does an algae eater eat a goldfish?

Because when a Algae Eater becomes fully grown it likes to eat the slime coat off the other fish. ( NOT all Algae eaters though) for example the Chinese Algae Eater WILL eat the slime coat off the other fish when it is fully grown.

Can you put algae tablets in the aquarium without killing an algae eater?

I suppose so

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