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A life cycle of a plant is easy. First the seed is in the soil and produces roots, then it grows a sprout. It will only grow if it gets enough water and sunlight. Then the roots find water to drink and the sprout gets taller and taller. Then it blooms flowers. When it is about to die, it drops seeds in the ground and the life cycle begins again.

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Q: What is the life cycle of a plant?
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Definition of plant life-cycle?

a life cycle of a plant is like the growth of the plant in different seasons and how fast it grows

What is the role of the fruit in the life cycle of a plant?

The role of the fruit in a plant's life cycle is reproduction , in some plants it signals the end of the cycle.

What are similarities between human life cycle and plant life cycle?

in human life you breath oxygen and a plant breaths oxygen

What is the plant 's life cycle?

The plants life cycle is when the plant is just a root then it groows and finally it reproduces

Which phrase is used to describe a plant life cycle?

Alteration of generations is used to describe a plant life cycle.

The life cycle of a plant seed?

The life cycle of a plant seed is:Seed,Growth,Producing of Spring,And Death!

What is the best cycle in the world?

the water cycle, the life cycle, and the plant cycle.

What is a life-cycle dance?

When you create a dance about the life-cycle of an animal or plant.

What is different between the life cycle and life span of a plant and animal?

The life span for both is how long will the plant or animal will live.The life cycle is the process in which the animal and plant is growing.

What is the difference between a human life cycle and a plant life cycle?

a plants life is longer and the plant can develop for items.

What are two different stages of a plant's life cycle?

Sporophytic and gametophytic stages in a plant alternate to complete the life cycle.

What is the life cycle of a plant from a seed?

The seed germinates and the plant grows larger. Plants do not have a life cycle of several stages.

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