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Lightning is the cause of thunder.

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Q: What is the relationship of thunder and lightning?
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What is the scientific explanation of thunder and ligthning earthquake?

There is no relationship between thunder and lightning and earthquakes.

Does thunder cause lightning or does lightning cause thunder?

Lightning causes thunder

Which can you see thunder or lightning?

Thunder is the sound of lightning.

Is lightning caused by thunder?

No. Thunder is caused by lightning.

How is thunder produced and how far away does the lightning strikes if the thunder is heard 15 seconds after the lightning is seen?

Thunder - is the result of a lightning flash. The flash causes the surrounding air to move away from the source at 300 metres/second. An approximate calculation for the relationship between the lightning flash to hearing the thunder, is 5 seconds per mile.

Is thunder the eco of lightning?

thunder is the sound of lightning if that is what you are asking

Advantages of lightning and thunder storm?

advandages of lightning and thunder

Can it thunder and lightning without clouds?

No it cant lightning but it can thunder

What is lightning without thunder?

Lightning without thunder is called heat lightning. It occurs when the lightning is too far away for humans to hear the thunder.

Is thunder electricity?

No. Thunder is the sound produced by lightning. Lightning is a form of electricity.

How do you say thunder and lightning in hebrew?

thunder = ra'am (רעם) lightning = barak (ברק)

What is it called when lightning and thunder occur together?

lightning+ thunder-=light'n'thunder

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