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Q: What is the youngest part of a clam?
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Where is the youngest part of a clam?


What part of the clam do you eat?

we eat every part of the clam, it might just depend on you (what you like)

What is the oldest part of the clam shell?

The umbo which is located at the anterior end of the clam

What does the shell do for the clam?

the shell protects the clam from predators. The shell also helps make pearls when the clam has something that is irritating the clam. The irritating object has to have part of another clams mantle on it" it makes the pearl with the mother of pearl which is the shinny part on the inside of the clam.

What is the oldest part of a clam shell?

The oldest part of a clams shell is the outside part of the hinge. This is because the clam starts at the hinge and grows outwards.

What is a clam hat?

A clitoris. Part of the vagina.

What part of the ocean does a clam live in?

the bottom

Which part of a clam are likely to be preserved?

All parts

What part of the clam protects it from predators?

I assume the shell.

Youngest part of a tree?

The youngest part of a tree would be the growth tips of the roots, and of the tips of the leaves.

What is the newest part of a clams shell called?

The mantle is the newest part of the clam's shell. At the edge of the mantel there is a thicker area of muscle which turns into new shell as the clam grows.

Is a pearl a body part in a clam?

Not really. A pearl is a way for the clam to wall away an irritant, such as a grain of sand, that is bothering the clam. If there wasn't any irritant, there wouldn't be any pearl.

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