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heliocentric model.

Probably the "geocentric model" is what's meant, because the heliocentric model is "modern".

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Q: What model was included in the historical models of the solar system?
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Why is Uranus and Neptune not included in the heliocentric and geocentric model of the solar system?

The planets Uranus and Neptune were discovered only in modern times after the heliocentric model had been generally accepted.

What are some examples of scientific models?

A model of the solar system and a model of the earth or (global) are a few of the best answers for scientific models.

How is the physical model the same as the conceptual model?

both models represent the actual system

How does the model of the solar system differ from past models?

it is bigger

Which group of atomic models is listed in historical order from earliest to most recent?

hard-sphere model, electron-shell model, wave-mechanical model

Which group of atomic models is listed in historical order from the earliest to the most recent?

hard-sphere model, electron shell model,wave-mechanical model

How does current model of the solar system differ from past models?

it is bigger

Who created a the solar system model?

Ptolemy and Copernicus created different solar system models.

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Whose heliocentric model is seen as the first development of modern models of the solar system?

It was the model devised by Copernicus.

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