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Sound needs a media to propagate. Sound can not propagate in a vacuum. Sound waves, unlike light, are essentially compression waves and the sound in order to move from one place to other needs molecules to compress and decompress against, hence the wave is transmitted. In a vacuum, there are no molecules. Hence no sound.

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Q: What must occur for a sound wave to be produced?
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What determines loudness of a musical note?

the amplitude of the sound wave produced. the amplitude of the sound wave produced.

For refraction to occur in a wave the wave must?

For refraction to occur in a wave, the wave must enter a new medium at an angle.

What type of sound wave does a dog have?

Every type of sound wave produced is a longitudinal wave.

What must happen for a sound wave to form?


How does sound occur?

the lenght of the wave is depending on the vibration.

17 A sound that's produced by a single wave at a constant frequency and with no overtones is called?

A sound that's produced by a single wave at a constant frequency and with no overtones is a pure tone or a sinusoidial wave.

The sound wave is directed towards a cliff that is 680 meters away from the source of the sound An echo wave is heard 4 seconds after the wave is produced What is the period of the sound wave?

Not Your Personal Army

Which type of wave is produced by flute?

Standing sound waves.

What type of wave is produced in banjo?

Standing sound waves.

How is the sound that a guitar makes - produced?

when a guitar string is moved or plucked , a movement is produced along the length of the string . this vibration makes a sound wave and a guitar pick up, which is a electronic sensor device , detects this sound wave. the sound wave is re produced as an electrical signal and the electrical signal is amplified by an external amplifier

What will happen when a wave travels through a medium?

when a wave travel through medium then sound is produced

Which bell do not produced sound wave the bell in the water or the bell in a vacuum?

the bell in a vacuum, in a vacuum there is nothing for the sound wave to move through

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