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The urinary or excretory system works with the reproductive system in males. The penis contains the urethra, the terminal duct for both urinary and reproductive tracts.

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Q: What other systems does the male reproductive system work with?
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Which system controls the male reproductive system?

The male reproductive system is a system within itself. Other systems that are involved in male reproduction include the endocrine system, neuromuscular system, and integumentary system.

What are some similarities of the female reproductive system and the male reproductive system?

They are both reproductive systems.

What does the male reproductive system have in common with the cat male reproductive system?

All male reproductive systems are essentialy the same. male cats have a penis and testicles

Describe the male and female reproductive systems?

describe briefly about male and female reproductive system

Which systems controls the male reproductive system?


What systems work with the male reproductive system?

excretory and circulatory

What are the glands of the male reproductive system?

am...........the glands of male reproductive system are the male reproductive system

What is the medical term meaning physician who specializes in the study of the male reproductive and urinary systems?

A urologist specializes in the study of the urinary systems of both sexes, and the male reproductive system.

The developing male reproductive system is most closely associated with what systems?


What organ in the urinary system is closely associated with the reproductive system?

In the male the penis and urethra are organs that are used in both the urinary and reproductive systems.

What organs are included in the male reproductive system?

The male reproductive system includes the penis, testicles, scrotum, prostate and other organs.

What body system is responsible for breeding?

And male and female reproductive systems are responsible for breeding.

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