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The left temporal lobe is thought to be critical for language comprehension and production. Wernicke's Area is the name of the specific region of the temporal lobe that is associated with speech comprehension, whereas Broca's Area is a region of the temporal lobe associated with speech production.

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Q: What part of the brain is related to language comprehension?
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Does the left or right part of the brain control comprehension of language?

Wernicke's area located in the left temporoparietal lobe is associated with the comprehension of language.

What part of the brain is responsible for hearing and language comprehension?

Language Comprehension in the brain is in Wernicke's area. Hearing is through the outer, middle and inner ear, going through the eighth crainal nerve in the brain stem.

What part of the brain is related to reading comprehension?

i think its the left side but IM NOT SURE!!

What part of the brain controls comprehension?

The right parietal (cerebrum) side of the brain.

What is the function of wernickes area?

The Wernicke's area is the part of the brain where the understanding of spoken language takes place. This function was discovered by and named for neurologist Carl Wernicke.

What happens if the superior and medial part of the right precentral gyrus get destroyed?

Language and language comprehension would be affected.

What part of the brain is related to happiness?

The part of the brain that is related to happiness is known as the limbic system. The limbic system is also called the paleomammalian brain.

Language is processed in what part of the brain?


What part of the brain is responsible for language?


The part of the brain is Associated with thinking and language is sometimes called the what brain?


What is the cerebrum of the brain?

It's the most recently evolved and largest part of the brain. It's also known as telencephalon. This in combination with the Diencephalon comprise the forebrain. It's responsible for the functioning of decision making, perception, language (comprehension and production of), planning/organizing, "personality" or what makes us human, and more.

What part of the brain is related to reading?

the right side

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