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Your husband isn't narcissistic, but just a plain old jerk! You didn't explain if this was his daughter or yours from a former relationship or marriage and you didn't explain what type of sexual comments he is making, so please explain further if you should choose to answer my post. I'll be watching for it on my "watchlist." A little more info is needed here. Hope you repost. If you witnessed the inappropriate comments, then you definitely know what you have to do--leave! Anything else, you need to talk to your child--or take them to a third party--to see what happened. Your responsibility is to the care and the safety of your child, so however it is with the husband, you will have to leave if it is true. This really is not something you can warn the person about and hope they don't do it again--or that the sexual comments escalate into physical contact.

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Q: What should you do if you recently discovered your husband is a narcissist who has made sexual comments toward your teenager?
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