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The Saint Lawrence river on the US / Canadian border and the Rio Grande On the US / Mexico border.

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Q: What two rivers border the USA?
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What two rivers border Mesopotamyia?

the tigris and euphrates rivers border mesopotamia

What two rivers that don't border Illinois?

The Illinois River and the Chicago River are two rivers that don't border Illinois.

Which two rivers border KY?

Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

What are the capitals of two states that border the Ohio and the Mississippi rivers?

The capitals of the two states that border both rivers are:Springfield, IllinoisFrankfort, Kentucky

What are the names of the two rivers that border Mesopotamia?

The two rivers that border Mesopotamia are the Tigris and the Euphrates; they are also known as Dijla and Furat, in Arabic.

What two major rivers border New Jersey?

Two major rivers that border new jersey is butt and hole

What two rivers form parts of the United states border?

what 2 rivers form part of U.S border

What three rivers border Iowa?

One of the three rivers that border Iowa is the Mississippi. The other two rivers that border the state are the Missouri river, and the Big Sioux river.

What two rivers border the us and Canada?

Two rivers through which the International border runs are Rainy River and Pigeon River. Two other rivers through which the International border runs are St Marys River and St Clair River. Two more rivers through which the International border runs are Detroit River and Niagara River.

What two rivers border Mesopotamia?

Tigris & Euphrates

WHAT rivers border Georgia?

The Savannah River and the Chattahoochee River border the state Georgia in the USA.

What two rivers border Saudi Arabia?

what are some major rivers in Saudi Arabia

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