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It could be caused by any number of problems, from faulty wiring to a damaged neutral wire at the breaker panel or meter base. If you do not have experience working with wiring, stay clear. It can result in personal injury of even a house fire. This is exactly the type of problem that results in electrical fires. You should have it checked out as soon as possible.

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2006-04-11 19:18:00
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Q: What would be causing an electrical outlet to not have enough power?
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What is the electrical voltage from the house outlet to the power?

260 volts

What is the electrical voltage from the house outlet to the power supply?

260 volts

What fits on a desk and runs on power from an electrical wall outlet?


Why is there a limit to the number of devices that may be connected to a single electrical outlet?

The cabling to the outlet can only handle a maximum power. For safety reasons, this is limited to far below the fail level by a fuse or circuit breaker. If you exceed the power rating, you run the risk of causing a fire.

What is a electrical lengthener?

Sometimes called an extension cable or power board, it "lengthens" the reach of your electrical outlet.

Is an electrical outlet an example of chemical energy?

An electrical outlet is a physical object. It does not produce energy. What does produce the energy is electricity, which travels through the outlet to power your devices. Electricity is its own form of energy, called "electrical energy."So, no, an outlet is not an example of chemical energy.

Does this just plug in an outlet?

You can plug the air conditioner into any outlet in your home, however you should get an outlet strip to protect against power surges. Yes, this HDTV plugs into a normal electrical outlet or power strip.

How do you test to see if you have a dedicated electrical outlet?

Turn off the supply to that outlet and check if any other outlet is also without power. this can be done by many methods.

Why does energy keep flowing through an electrical cord even if it's connected to a power outlet?

Uh, because you left the switch on for what you had plugged in to the outlet.

What are the function of computer power supply?

The power supply of the computer is where the electrical current from your outlet is sent and then dispersed throughout the components in your computer.

What is a power point?

A power point is a type of slide show where it slides.Another AnswerA Power Point is what they call a electrical receptacle or outlet in British English.

Ideas you might try if an electrical device in your home suddenly stopped working?

Does it have a fuse, is there power at the outlet??

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