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A huge hole was discovered over Antarctica. This hole in ozone is not actually a hole.

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Q: Where was a huge hole in the ozone layer discovered?
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Which Hemisphere has a huge hole in the Ozone?

Ozone layer has hole in it above Antartica continent. It is located in southern hemisphere.

What hemisphere has a huge hole in the ozone layer?

Both hemispheres have a hole.But the bigger one is in southern.

How much ozone is above us?

There is a huge blanket of ozone. It is present as the ozone layer.

Why you can't make an artificial ozone layer?

We can't make an artificial ozone layer because of the size of ozone layer. It is huge and it is not possible to create so much ozone artificially.

How did we harm the ozone layer?

Wee harmed the ozone layer by using intensive CFC's. These CFC's actually destroyed huge amount of ozone.

What have humans done to damage the ozone layer?

Humans have a huge role to damage the ozone layer. The use of man made CFCs is the largest. These chemicals react with ozone present in the ozone layer and deplete it.

What are ozone layers confined of?

Ozone layer is confined of ozone molecules. These molecules form a huge pool of ozone molecules.

What ozone layer consist of?

The ozone layer consists of the ozone molecules in a huge amount. These molecules protect us from the harmful UV radiations entering the earth's surface.

What does the hole in the ozone layer do?

The hole in the ozone layer is a natural, repeating occurence. Ozone decays both naturally, and when forced by contaminants. So it takes UV-C from the Sun to make / replenish the ozone layer. The pole that is having winter, gets no UV-C. So the size of the hole tells us the average health of the ozone layer. Ozone is a greenhouse gas. So when ozone is depleted, or under the ozone hole, it is somewhat easier to radiate heat to the background temperature of 3 K. Only water vapor (in our atmosphere) will be dominant over this effect. The hole in the ozone will soon start to form now (2009May), but when it is over Antarctica, it would create new ice, lowering the sea level, and causing previously dry place to be evn dryer occasionally. It also lets in harmful UV-B rays that harm the planet and the animals on it. It causes the planet to super cool if there is a HUGE hole but that wont happen.

What steps are being taken to limit the damage of ozone layer?

Various steps are being taken to aviud damage of ozone layer. These are the reduction of the ozone depletion chemicals such as cholofloro carbons which can cause huge damage to the ozone molecules present in the ozone layer.

What are the positive effects of the ozone layer?

There are huge positives coming from ozone. The protection from UV being the best of them.

What are some environment deplete in the ozone layer?

There are huge environmental affects of deplete in ozone. Global warming is one such.

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