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The credit for the invention of the telescope has been a subject of discussion. Thus, because Democritus announced that the Milky Way is composed of vast multitudes of stars, it has been maintained by some that he could only have been led to form such an opinion from actual examination with a telescope. Other passages from the Greek and Latin authors have similarly been cited to prove that the telescope was known to the ancients. But we are no more warranted in drawing such a conclusion without any evidence other than casual remarks, however sagacious, than we should be justified in stating that Seneca was in possession of the theories of Newton because he predicted that comets would one day be found to revolve in periodic orbits.

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Q: Who invented the solar telescope?
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Galileo galilei invented the astronomic telescope Galileo galilei invented the astronomic telescope

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The telescope was invented way before that.

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Galileo contribute to the solar system?

Galileo had a theory, it was that the earth was NOT in the centre of the solar system like everyone thought, he made the first telescope and proved everyone wrong by looking into space and seeing that the sun was in the centre of the solar system, not the earth, doing this he also invented the telescope.

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Who and when was the telescope invented?

Hens Lippershey invented the first telescope in 1608.

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The invented the microscope and telescope. The invented the microscope and telescope.

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Paul Gottlieb invented the electric telescope.

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yes there are 2 large solar panels on the side of the Hubble space telescope.

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The telescope was invented somewhere in the Netherlands. I know this because I personally have been researching the telescope for a project.

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