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The duct that carries sperm is called the vas deferens, and it is this tube that is severed in a vasectomy.

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Q: Why is surgical sterilization in males called vasectomy?
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What is the medical term meaning procedure of sterilization in males?

Vasectomy is the medical term meaning the procedure of male sterilization. The term literally means surgical removal of the vas deferens. In reality, only a very small piece of each of the vasa are removed.

What is the objective of the vasectomy?

A vasectomy severs the vas deferens, preventing sperm from entering the man's ejaculate. This is a form of sterilization and birth control for males.

Is it true or false that A transurethral resection is a surgical sterilization procedure in males?


What is a procedure that cuts and closes the tubes that take a males sperm to his penis?

this procedure is called a vasectomy.

How did Hitler stop some people from procreating?

Hitler used forced sterilization. One of his better known methods was hysterectomy and in males vasectomy and castration. He had also made use of high dosages of copper sulphate.

Can you have a baby after vasectomy?

Technically the female has the baby and males get vasectomies, so you can't have a baby before or after having a vasectomy. However, if what you are asking is "if a man has had a vasectomy can he still father a child?" then the answer is possibly, but extremely unlikely.

Why is vasectomy an effective method of birth control in males?

Because if there is no sperm in the ejaculate there is no fertilization.

What is vasectomies?

A vasectomy is when males have a surgery that enables them to become infertile. Some are reversible while some vasectomies are not.

Is Vasectomy for males or females?

The vas deferens is part of the male reproductive system, so it's male.

What is the difference between CPT codes 54150 and 54160?

54150 is surgical circumcision of males under the age of 28 days of age. 54151 is surgical circumcision of males older than 28 days of age

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What reproductive parts are affected during a vasectomy?

No reproductive part is affected by vasectomy adversely. You cut the vas diferens in vasectomy. Thereby the sperms do not enter the semen and fertility is prohibited. This is very simple procedure with almost no complications. Unfortunately the brave males usually force the females to go for tubectomy. Tubectomy is relatively much more invasive procedure.

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