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How to say "just watching tv" in spanish is

mirando la TV

hope that helped!

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Q: Just watching TV in spanish
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Watching tv in Spanish?

mirando la tele/television

How do you say watching tv in Spanish?

viendo la televisión

How do you say is watching TV in Spanish?

Ver la televisión.

How do you say am watching tv in spanish?

Estoy mirando el televisor.

What does miras la television mean in spanish?

It means "you are watching the television" or "you watch television".

How do you say i like watching television in spanish?

Me gusta ver la televisión.

How do you say watching television in Spanish?

Viendo la televisión or televisión de observación

Can you be arrested for just simply watching things on Justin TV I will never download movies or music and i will never stream on Justin TV but i want to know if i will get fined for just watching?

Of course not.

How do you say why are you watching tv i Spanish?

¿Por qué ve / ven / ves / veis la tele?

What is the translation for el espectador?

el espectador is the Spanish phrase meaning "the viewer". This can mean someone who is watching an even live in a stadium or someone who is watching something on television.

How do you respond to te gusta mirar la television in spanish?

Assuming it is a question (te gusta mirar la television?')You could reply: Si, me gusta (Yes, I like (watching TV))orNo, no me gusta (No, I don't like (watching TV))

What is a continuous verb?

The continuous tense has a verb phrase - be + present participle.Present contiuous = am/is/are + present I am watching TV. She is watching TV, They are watching TV.Past contiuous = was/were +present I was watching TV. She was watching TV. They were watching TV.

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