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Yes. I know a number of knock knock pig jokes such as Knock, Knock Who's there? Pig Pig who? Pig up your feet so you don't twip!

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Q: Know any knock knock pig jokes?
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Knock knock who there pig pig who?

Knock knock who is there pig pig who? Pig up your feet so you don't twip!

Know any pig puns about mud?

There are quite a few jokes and puns involving pigs and mud. One such pun might be "How do you know that a pig has had piglets? It is a good mudder".

What are 6 pig jokes?

There are a few different pig jokes told. The most popular pig joke told is the zookeeper joke.

Know any pig jokes-?

One funny pig joke asks the question "What do you call someone who steals pigs?", the answer is "A hamburglar!". Another joke asks "How did the secret agent pig write his notes?", the answer is "Invisible oink!"

What does pig latin have to do with pigs?

Pig Latin has nothing to do with pigs. It's a simple secret language for jokes or kids.

Can you give paracetomol to a guinue pig?

No, it will probably knock them unconcious at the least

How can you convince your parents to let you have a guinea pig if you have two dogs?

Play jokes on them. Say i dont stop until i get a Guinea Pig! YAY

Know any pig puns that have the words oink and bed in then?

You can get pig puns with the words oink and bed at

What are some fun basketball games?

pig around the world 21 knock out

How do you make a girl guinea pig purr?

Maybe you say something loud or knock

Does pot sticker have any pig meat?

Some people make it with meat and some make it without. But the people I know DO make it with pig meat........................................ WHY? Do you not eat pig meat?!!

How do you know teacup pig from a pot belly pig?

teacup pig is a miniature pig.

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