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Knock knocks jokes

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Q: What are the most popular funny jokes?
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In what countries are Sardar jokes most popular?

If you want to know what countries are Sardar jokes most popular, it is India and its neighboring countries. These very funny jokes are very enjoyable.

Where can one find good jokes?

You can find good jokes on one of the most popular website. This website is comedy central. The website has tons of funny jokes to tell and share jokes for sports, etc.

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Funny jokes Hey, that's a joke, what are funny jokes called? Funny jokes! that's a joke, too!

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Because it is something that young ones find funny. It appeals to the most juvenile of humor.

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Funny jokes are the ones that make you laugh!

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Funny jokes are the ones that make you laugh!

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well..the jokes could very, but if there's different reasons why jokes could be considered funny because well, SARCASM would be one reason and well i would agree, there are some pretty retarted jokes around, but eh... if they truly make you laugh, they would be considered funny. While MOST MOST MOST jokes are "funny" eh some are, i guess, actually funny. because well... i guess they just are so ya.

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Knock knock jokes are common and is one of the worst jokes! Have you heard the joke "Why did the chicken cross the road?" it was simply the worst joke ever which was classic and very popular. Although most jokes don't make people laugh, there are some nonsense jokes that are funny too. It depends on the character or how you say it. Example: You act like a crazy fool and sound weird. Once you tell the joke it will be funny.

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They are ture storys and facts about him

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