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Erin go bragh is an English phonetic spelling of Éirinn go brách, which in Irish means "Ireland forever."

It is an Irish expression of allegiance to Ireland.

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Q: What does 'Erin go braugh' mean?
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Does Erin go braugh mean you love Ireland?

Erin go braugh is an English respelling of Éirinn go brách which is usually translated as 'Ireland forever!'

Is it Erin go bragh or Erin go braugh?

Both. The original phrase in Irish isÉirinn go bráchFor English speakers this was respelledErin go bragh or Erin go braugh.

What does the Gaelic word braugh mean?

As in "Erin go Braugh"? That is a phonetic English spelling of "Éirinn go brách" which literally means "Ireland until Judgment Day" or "Ireland forever". Braugh is not a Gaelic spelling.

What is Erin go braugh and its symbol meaning?

"Ireland forever".

How is Erin Go Braugh really spelled?

the real way is

What is Ireland's slogan?

Erin Go Braugh - Ireland Forever.

What does it say on saint Patrick's grave?

erin go Braugh

What does 'Eire go Braugh' mean?

Ireland forever.More usually spelled "Erin go bragh" or "Erin go braugh" it is a phoneticEnglish approximation of the Irish Gaelic "Éirinn go brách".Éire is a more standard spelling of Éirinn.See the wikipedia: Erin go bragh

Is there another saying associated with Erin go braugh?

well Erin go braugh means "Ireland Forever" but i have seen people spell braugh differently such at brah or brauhsorry if this doesn't help you =[Another AnswerThe original Irish (Gaelic) is Éirinn go brách.

What is Erin go braugh?

"Ireland forever" The proper Irish Gaelic is Éirinn go brách.

What is the proper response to Erin go braugh?

there is no reply - this is not a real greeting - its an American creation.

What is the correct pronunciation of Erin Go Bragh?

"Erin go Braugh" is not in Irish but an English phonetic spelling of the originalÉirinn go brách [aerin guh braw]

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