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We presume so, because he appears to have done a lot of it.

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2012-09-05 20:05:52
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Q: Did Shakespeare like to read
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Did William shakespeare like to read poems as a child?

We have no idea what Shakespeare liked to do when he was a child.

Did geoffrey trease like to read Shakespeare?

yes he read alot of books

Did Helen Keler like to read?

Yes she enjoyed reading a lot of Shakespeare .

Why didn't Shakespeare's wife read his plays?

Very few people read Shakespeare's plays. Mostly they watched them. But Anne Shakespeare probably did neither, and is very unlikely to have read them. Anne couldn't read.

Love surfeits not----like a glutton dies Shakespeare?

"Love surfeits not; lust like a glutton dies" is a line from Shakespeare's rarely-read narrative poem Venus and Adonis.

Did Shakespeare copy the classical Greek idea of tragedy?

No, Shakespeare had not read Aristotle and had no knowledge of his Poetics. Nor had he read any Greek tragedies. He was only familiar with Roman playwrights like Seneca and Plautus.

How many of Shakespeare's family could read or write?

Only William Shakespeare could read and write in his family.

Why do you still read Shakespeare today?

You read Shakespeare because you are unlucky enough not to have a nearby theatre, or a television, or a DVD player. This means that you are not able to watch Shakespeare which is what you are supposed to do. You might also read Shakespeare if you are thinking of producing one of his plays. Actors and directors read the script before they put on the play.

Was Shakespeare's father literate?

Both of Shakespeare's parents were illterate. When Shakespeare had kids, they were also unable to read and write.

As You Like It by Shakespeare?

Yes As You Like it is by Shakespeare.

What is Shakespeare trying to teach the reader through As you like it?

Nothing. This question is based on two incorrect assumptions: First, that Shakespeare wrote plays like As You Like It to be read. He did not. He wrote them to be performed and watched. Second, that Shakespeare wrote plays in order to teach people things. He did not. He wrote them to entertain, not to teach.

Who was Shakespeare inspired by?

If you mean, "Where did Shakespeare get his ideas from?" he got them from books he read and plays he had seen.

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