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Some say hip hop dancing was very popular in the 1960s.

Others say it started in the late 1970s and developed quite fast, so it probably became popular as it was being developed then.

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Q: When did hip hop dancing become popular?
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How is break dancing done?

not that popular its popular in hip hop and street dance

Why is hip hop dance popular?

Hip hop dancing is popular because it is an entertaining hobby, an awesome experience, and a healthy exercise for training speed and strength.

Why did hip hop become so popular?

Hip Hop became popular because it was a newer version of rap. Kool Herc is considered to be one of the founders of hip hop.

What is better break dancing or hip hop dance?

hip hop :)

When did hip hop become big?

When i started dancing in 2007. I was the best dancer out there!

Where are some amazing hip hop dance classes?

The best hip hop classes are in Arkansas, Los Angeles, and New York, because those places are popular for hip hop dancing entertainment.

What is the most popular type of dancing in the US?

ball room and hip hop and modern

How has hip hop dancing become popular over the years?

it became popular because a lot of different people have made different types of dances and it's just a popular hobby

Is hip hop bad for teens?

hip hop is the music that brings kids together and they have fun dancing hip hop.

Which dance is more popular?

my answer is ballet dancing in Germany and hip hop is the best in Columbus,Ohio

Where can you go to learn hip hop dancing?

you can go to learn hip hop dancing by how you can take hip hop classes or go to your friends and family house by how you can ask them to help or teach you how to do some of the hip hop dances you don't know how to do

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The Hip Hop Dancing category was added on March 7, 2011.

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