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Some women wear underwear under tights and some do not. Tights are made to be worn without underwear, but many people do still wear them.

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Q: Do women wear underwear under tights?
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What do girls wear under tights?

underwear or nothing

Do dancers wear underwear with their leotard?

no, they wear tights under their leotard...

What do male ballet dancers wear under tights?


Do you wear underwear with figure skating dresses?

yes you wear your under wear with your skating tights over them and your skating dress over your tights (actually - no, most people don't).

Do people wear underwear under tights?

some times they do I mean its not like they have to or any thing but some times you can see through the tights

What kind of under garments do you wear for ballet?

For girls, only a bra. No underwear because it will show under you leotard. For boys, underwear thatis it under tights Leo and shorts

Can asian women wear pantie under their komoto?

Asian ladies can wear underwear under their dresses. Most Asan ladies do not wear underwear.

During a massage Can you wear your underwear under the towel or do you have to be naked?

Generally you are nude, but you can wear underwear, especially for women who are menstruating.

Do dancers wear panties under tights Is it unhealthy to not wear them under leggings or tights?

Most tights have a cotton crotch which replaces the need to wear underwear with tights. Most of the preschool age children in my studio wear panties, it does take some getting used to. We ask at recital, that no one wears them so there are no panty lines or showing panties while onstage with their costume.

Why does Superman wear what should be underwear outside of his tights?

It's protection for his junk

Is it ok not to wear panties to school I mean Its under tights I just get to hot?

Please don't wear panties to school. Pantyhose/Tights were made to be worn with or without panties (optional). That's why they replaced stockings (which only go up to the thigh, at most). Most tights have a cotton crotch which replaces the need to wear underwear with tights ;-)

What percent of women wear black tights?

About 90% Of Women wear black tights. because there flattering & they Like the Colour. mean also think it's Sexy when a women wears black tights

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