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Roman Polanski filmed Macbeth in 1971.

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Q: What Shakespeare play did Roman Polanski adapt in 1971?
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Was shakespeare born on 3rd march 1971?

William Shakespeare the poet and playwright wasn't (he was born in 1564). Maybe some other person called Shakespeare was.

Which is an best example of an daption?

Clearly there is something wrong with your question: there is no such word as "daption" and you wouldn't use "an" if there were. If you are trying to say "adaption", this is a word, but "adaptation" is the preferred form. If you are trying to say "adaptation", we need some context. If you are asking about Macbeth, which is a literary work, an adaptation would be taking the play and making it into a story (Lamb's Shakespeare Stories for Children) or a screenplay (e.g. Roman Polanski's 1971 film). However, "adaptation" is an important concept in Biology, especially in evolutionary theory. Darwin's Galapagos finches are as good an example as any.

Does Macbeth drink the potion that the witches make in act four scene one?

The play is not clear on this point. The potion was drunk by Macbeth in the 1971 Roman Polanski movie starring Jon Finch. In the Trevor Nunn RSC production with Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Judi Dench the potion is smeared on Macbeth's body. It's the director's call.

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Who directed the 1971 movie rendition of Macbeth?

Roman Polanski

Who played Lady Macbeth for Polanski's 1971 Macbeth?

Francesca Annis

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Why does the Macbeth movie start and end with the witches?

Not all film versions of the play start and end with the witches. Orson Welles' 1948 film does, in order to reinforce the idea that the witches totally controlled Macbeth and caused him to do everything he did. In this film he was their plaything. Roman Polanski's 1971 film ends with Donalbain seeking out the witches to get help against his brother Malcolm. In Polanski's film the witches represent less a dominating force but rather a resource of evil to which human beings are drawn in their lust for power. Polanski is making the point that the evil tendencies recur inevitably.

Was shakespeare born on 3rd march 1971?

William Shakespeare the poet and playwright wasn't (he was born in 1564). Maybe some other person called Shakespeare was.

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