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a tanka is a mood piece usually about love, seasons, sadness, or how short life is. tankas use strong images and often have literary devices such as simile and metaphor. a tanka is short and usually has only five lines. instead of counting syllables, you count ACCENTED syllables. the following pattern of ACCENTED syllables works well in English for a tanka: 2/3/2/3/3. some claim the tanka contains 5/7/5/7/7 syllables. actually, you can use either method for determining the sounds in this kind of poem.

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Q: What are tanka poems written about?
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Do tanka poems rhyme?

No, it is a 57577 syllables poem. Tanka poems come from Japan and are based on nature.

Can tanka poems rhyme?

Yes! Tanka poems are like haikus and also originated in Japan, there is no rule saying you cannot rhyme within a Tanka poem. =]

What is an example of a tanka poem?

tanka poems are poems that is composed of 31 syllables arrange in 5-7-5-7-7..

What are several types of tanka poems?


What is an example for winter tanka poems?

Winter wonderment

Who invented tanka poems?

Probably the Japanese as it is the oldest form of Japanense poetry.

Should Tanka poetry be written in a certain voice or with a certain mood?

No. The defining feature of tanka in English is the structure of five poetic phrases. They can treat any subject and take any approach. However, tanka is an ancient form and numerous traditions have developed, of which one of the most important is 'yuugen' (mystery and depth) or what we call in English 'dreaming room.' That is to say, the unwritten is just as important as the written part; poems must permit, even require, multiple readings. The best way to learn more about tanka is to read good tanka. Several websites provide resources and poetry:, (which includes lessons for novices), (home of the journal of the same name),, and many others. M. Kei Editor-in-chief, Take Five : Best Contemporary Tanka

Why poems r written?

Poems are written for the delight of the soul.

What is the name of a poem that doesn't rhyme?

Free verse, cinquain, maybe name poem, hiaku, and tanka really most poems don't rhyme

What has the author Mary Caroline Denver written?

Mary Caroline Denver has written: 'Poems' 'Poems' 'Poems'

What does ta tanka mean?

Tanka is a japanise poem

How do you use tanka in a sentence?

hi my name is tanka.

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