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William Shakespeare's theatre company was The Chamberlain's Men, named after The Lord Chamberlain, an official responsible for royal and public entertainment.

In 1603, when Queen Elizabeth I died and King James I became king, the new king became their patron and the name was changed to The King's Men.

Shakespeare stayed with the Chamberlain's men (later King's men) throughout the last part of his career as an actor, playwright and administrator. Other companies he had worked with to perform his plays include the Earl of Derby's, The Earl of Pembroke's and the Earl of Sussex' men.

Before Lord Hunsdon became Lord Chamberlain, and for a brief period after his death, before his son also became Lord Chamberlain, they were Lord Hunsdon's Men.

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Various but perhaps the best known is the kings men

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I believe they were called "Lord Chamberlain's Men " at first, and later " the King's Men"

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Q: What was the name of William Shakespeare's theatre company?
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