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Q: Which of Uranus' moons are in shakespeares play tempest?
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Related questions

What is Shakespeares latest play?

The Tempest written in 1610-11

Who is the protagonist in shakespeares play The Tempest?

The protagonist in The Tempest is Prospero, a sorcerer and the former Duke of Milan.

What was shakespeares last play written by himself?

The Tempest was his last play he wrote entirely by himself.

What is the smallest and closest moon of Uranus?

Miranda is the smallest and closest of Uranus's major moons. It is mainly made of ice and rock. Miranda's surface has grooves, cliffs, and valleys. The moon was named after a character in "The Tempest," a play by Shakespeare.

Who does prospero forgive in Shakespeares play the tempest?

King alonso, sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Stephano, Trinculo and caliban.

Why tempest is called as Shakespeares last play?

Many believe that all of his plays after the Tempest were collaborations with John Fletcher, who succeeded Shakespeare as house playwright with the King's Men.

This planets 15 moons are each named after a character in a Shakesperes play?


What play is shakespeares regarded as his farewell to the stage?

The Tempest. Scholars think this was the last play Shakespeare wrote without a collaborator. The idea that it was Shakespeare's "farewell to the stage" is somewhat fanciful.

Shakespeares main characters in his plays?

In one of his great plays, his main characters, in a love play, were Romeo and Juliet.

What are facts about the Tempest shakespeare the settings either the plot the settings or the characters?

1. The Tempest is the only Shakespeare play to include a masque. 2. The Tempest is one of only two Shakespeare plays which adhere to the Aristotelian unities. (Can you guess the other?) 3. The Tempest is one of four Shakespeare plays which is set at least in part on an island in the Mediterreanean. (Can you name the other three?) 4. The Tempest is one of two Shakespeare plays which mention Morocco. (The Merchant of Venice is the other.) 5. The Tempest is one of the five Shakespeare plays to have a character called Antonio, and that doesn't even include Mark Antony. 6. Two regular moons and seven irregular moons of Uranus are named for characters in The Tempest. The regular ones are Miranda and Ariel. 7. The name of Caliban is thought by some people to be an anagram of "cannibal"

Who wrote the book 'The Tempest'?

The play 'The Tempest' was written by William Shakespeare.

When does the tempest occur in the Shakespeare play The Tempest?

It occurs in Act 1.

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