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No it does not. The force hung on the band is not in propotion to extension of the band.

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Q: Does an elastic band follow hookes law?
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Does a spring which is not in its elastic region obey Hookes law?

No, by definition Hooke's law relates to linear elastic only; when outside the elastic region it does not apply.

Hookes law hold well up to?

Hooke's law holds up well within the elastic limits of the solid.

What does hookes law relate to?

Hooke's Law relates to the elasticity of elastic objects, such as metal springs, and how they stretch in proportion to the force that acts on them.

What is the definition of hookes law is science physics?

Within Elastic limit, the strain produced in a body is directly proportional to the stress applied to that body.

What is Robert hookes law?

The Law of Elasticity.

What Example of hookes law?

Elastic substances return to their original shape after being deformed. Hooke's Law tells us that the force an elastic object, such as a spring, uses to reinstate itself to an original length is relative to, but in the opposite direction, of the length the spring is stretched.

What is the permanent set of hooke's law?

Hookes law is: extension is proportional to the load provided the elastic limit is not exceeded not sure what "the permanent set" means?? sorry hope someone else can help if this did not

Is the elastic property of the rubber band a good example of Hooke's law explain?

Yes, it is, as long as you do not stretch it too much that it permanently deforms. Hooke's law states that extension is proportional to force, as is the elastic band.

What was Roberts hookes law?

Robert Hooke's law states that within elastic limit, the strain produced is directly proportional to the stress applied. Hence Stess/strain = constant This constant is known as Modulus of elasticity.

What kind of bridges use hookes law?

all of them

What does Hookes law relate too?

Hello jack cena

How is hookes law applied?

to determine the restoring force of spring

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