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Yes. Copper is a very popular material used to make electrical wires.

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Q: Does copper wire conduct electricity
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Does copper wire in a circuit conduct or insulates electricity?

It conducts electricity.

Can iron conduct electricity?

Yes. Iron can conduct electricity. It is not as good a conductor of electricity as copper but it can conduct electricity. If you see a train or high speed rail with two wires hanging over the track, the top wire is a copper wire and the bottom wire is an iron wire. The copper wire conducts the electricity with very little loss of electricity. The iron wire is able to pass the electricity on to the train while withstanding a lot of wear and tear.

Which wire type is better in conducting electricity - thick or thin copper wire?

The worse copper wire to conduct electricity would be thin. Thick wire would be perfect for conducting electricity.

Do copper wire conduct electricity?

Yes, that's the whole point of making wires from metals such as copper.

What type of material would you use to make thin wire and conduct electricity?


What is the use Of A copper wire?

To conduct electricity and is normally found in most power wires.

Does copper iron wire conduct electricity when put into water?

Yes, but also without water.

Is copper wire the same as thugsten wire?

No. Copper wire is made of the element copper. Tungsten wire is made of the element tungsten. Copper wire is made to conduct electricity. Tungsten wire is made for the filament in light bulbs as tungsten does not melt under even very high temperatures.

What materials conduct electricity?

Copper is a prime material that can conduct electricity. It is why they used to use copper cabling in networks.

What materials are needed to conduct electricity?

iron,nickel,cobalt, steel and copper which can be found in nails , copper wire ,a penny any metal.

Which metal is a very common metal used for coin and is easily drawn into wire to conduct heat and electricity?


Can magnets conduct electricity?

Whether or not a magnet can conduct electricity depends entirley on the material of which they are composed. If its a metal magnet, then more than likely, albeit poorly. A magnet can CREATE electricity, by inducing movement in the electrons of a copper wire, as you can see in a generator (copper wire coiled into a cylinder with magnets moving perpendicular to the coil)

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