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by turning it into lesser friction. use rolling friction instead of sliding

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Q: How can friction be controlled?
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What role does friction play in sports?

As the force applied will be equal to the force effected, the body is controlled by the friction and also pushed forward by this friction. It also works by the pressure of our cells.

What are 2 ways friction can be controlled?

Two ways friction can be controlled is by manipulating the surface of an object. Another way maybe to use air as the way the object moves around. However I can not say that what I have posted is absolutly correct -emery

How does friction control net flow of air around a cyclone and anticyclone?

Without friction air is controlled by pressure differences and the rotation of the earth. Friction slows down the air movement while the pressure source remains the same.

How the velocity of Soil and Wastewater free falling due to gravity is controlled in high rise buildings?

It can be controlled by having horizontal sections of pipe long enough for friction to balance the force of gravity.

What is the independent controlled and dependent variable of how mass effects the force of friction?

The independent variable is mass. The dependent variable is the frictional force.

Why is a streak of light seen as a meteoroid enters the Earth's atmosphere?

Friction. As solid bodies pass into the atmosphere, the friction of the atmosphere passing over the surface heats them up. A common byproduct of heat is light. Those bodies that fall into the atmosphere that do not have a controlled descent, burn up. Those that are large enough to survive, or that do have a controlled descent, will contact the surface.

What does friction have to do with road design?

Necessary to keep the vehicles on the road in all weather. But also needs to be controlled / limited to limit fuel usage to travel it.

What are the 2kinds of friction?

Static Friction and Kinetic Friction. Static Friction is what friction that slows you down. While Kinetic friction is sliding friction.

What are 3 kinds of friction?

Sliding friction, Rolling friction, and Fluid friction ,holding friction and static friction

Which friction is greater sliding friction or static friction?

Static friction

What are the different forms of friction?

There are 4 different forms of friction. sliding friction, rolling friction, static friction, and fluid friction.

Lubricants do what to friction by replacing sliding friction with fluid friction?

Lubricants reduce friction by replacing sliding friction with fluid friction.

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