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Dendrothermal energy is energy produced by burning wood. Typical examples of wood-burning devices are;

* Stoves, fire places, and fire pits for heat * Water heaters (in remote areas) * Ovens and grills for cooking * Boilers in steam locomotives * Boilers in industry

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Q: How do you use the dendrothermal energy?
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What is dendrothermal energy?

Dendrothermal energy is the energy coming from the plants. It is not replaceable because once you burned the energy of the plant, it will be used. So, you will have to plant again to get the energy needed.

Advantages and disadvantage of dendrothermal energy?

dendrothermal energy is a kind of biomass from trees.The planting of ipil-ipil and other trees contibutes to "energy plantation" for power energy.

Sources of energy for electricity dendrothermal?

Non Conventional Source of Energy

Where can you find dendro thermal energy in the Philippines?

there is no dendrothermal energy in the philippines. during the time of marcos there was a project on dendrothermal power but because of the political issues the project did not push through

What is dendrothermal power plant?

wood-fired power station

How is energy used in today's society?

*how do we use energy? *how do we obtain energy? Geology: we use energy to look for energy. Extraction: we use energy to mine the energy. Transport to point o use: we use energy to move the energy to the point of use. Alternate: wind and solar are energies that are easy to use and move from the plants an require no transportation.

What chloroplast use for energy?

They use energy of sunlight. This energy is converted into chemical energy

What source of energy do organism use when they do not use the sun's energy?

light energy

What do you use your energy for?

we use energy in moving and other we do.

What is the energy use of a coyote?

what is the energy use coyotes

How does river use its energy?

how does a river use its energy

What energy sources do you use at home?

thermal energy, radiant energy, kinect energy, potential energy, chemical energy, and electrical energy are energy sources that you use at home

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