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In an electric motor, at the moment that the half-turn of the rotor (central electromagnet) completes, the field of this electromagnet

it flips

if you think about it, if you put two positive or two negative sides of a magnet together what happens? one flips because they aren't attracting

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Q: How does an electromagnet convert electrical energy to make a simple motor work?
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How do you construct a device to convert sound energy into electrical energy?

A simple method is already available and it's called a speaker-you can also use it as a microphone.

What is a simple definition of electrical energy?

The energy in an electrical current, or stored temporarily in capacitors or inductances.

What does a simple circuit consists of?

Electrical energy

What do magnet have to do with simple motors?

Motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy through moving electric conductors through a magnetic field. Magnets can be permanent magnets or electromagnets.

What is the kind of energy that leaves convert the suns light energy into?

simple: chemical energy: )

How can you construct a device that can convert electrical energy to heat energy?

This seems like a question from an electrical course, and is probably best answered by your course materials. It's your test question, not ours, and there won't always be someone to ask for the answer. Earn your diploma. However, a simple resistive load will dissipate heat, thus changing electrical energy to heat energy.

Explain how a simple motor functions?

it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy

Can you convert mechanical energy to heat energy?

Absolutely a simple example is the engine.

What type of energy is gathered by solar panels and converted into electrical energy?

Very simple; solar energy!

Can you give me an example of a simple sentence using the word electromagnet?

There is an electromagnet in that crane

How can electrical energy turn into heat energy?

This is quite simple with a resistor. That device will turn electricity to heat.

Energy transformations in a loudspeaker?

A loudspeaker is a transducer which converts electrical energy into sound. [Most simple moving coil loudspeakers will also function in reverse, as a microphone turning sound energy into electrical energy.]

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