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>> the hottest laser beam is about 1000 degrees Celsius (1832 F)

Technically a laser beam doesn't have a temperature since it is made of photons and not matter. Temperature is related to the average vibrational energy of the atoms in a chunk of matter. No vibrating atoms means temperature can't be measured.

However a laser beam of the right frequency can easily heat something up far hotter 1000 C. Laser beams routinely vaporize steel, which boils at 3000 C (5432 F), and tungsten which boils at over 5550 C (10022 F). This approaches the surface temperature of the Sun, 5800 C or 10472 F.

The biggest laser in the world, actually 192 lasers all focused on the same spot, is at the National Ignition Facility in Livermore California. They recently dumped 1 Megajoule of energy into a target a few mm across over a period of a few nanoseconds. They are shooting for temperatures of 200,000,000 F (111,111,093 C) in order to induce nuclear fusion in a frozen hydrogen pellet.

So I you could say that the hottest laser in the world can produce temperatures of around 111,000,000 C or 200,000,000 F which is about 7 times the temperatures estimated for the inside of the Sun; 30,000,000 F or 16,666,648.9 C.

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Q: How hot is a laser beam?
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