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Temperature is directly proportional to kinetic energy (potential energy).

eg. increase the temperature, you increase the kinetic energy of the molecules, hence you're increasing the potential energy of them.

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Q: What affects potential energy?
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What affects the potential energy of an object?

its acceleration

What factor affects gravitational potential energy?

Mass and Height

What most directly affects the potential energy of an object?

it's acceleration

How does increasing speed affect an objects potential energy?

It doesn't. Increasing speed affects the KINETIC energy.

What directly affects potential energy of an object?

Classically, its height above the ground (or your reference level).

How does gravity affect potential energy?

Gravity affects potential energy because if you hold something in place and you let go then, it will drop because of gravitys force of pulling it down.

How does potential energy affect force?

It's really the other way round - force affects potential energy. Potential energy is the RESULT (not the cause) of a force being required to move something - for instance, against the force of gravity or an electric field.

What form of potential energy does a person blowing a vuvuzela have?

chemical potential energy

What are the 4 types of potential energy?

Chemical Potential energy, Elastic Potential energy, Gravitational Potential energy, Electrical Potential energy and Nuclear Potential energy. There are actually 5.

Does gasoline and matches have kinetic or potential energy?

Chemical energy, which is a type of potential energy.Chemical energy, which is a type of potential energy.Chemical energy, which is a type of potential energy.Chemical energy, which is a type of potential energy.

What are the 3 types of potential energy?

There is chemical potential energy, heat potential energy, elastic potential, and gravitational potential energy.

Examples of potential energy?

Gravitational potential energy and Elastic potential energy

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