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The light will be absorbed and reflected unevenly.

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Q: What happens when light hits an uneven surface?
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When does the scattering of light occur?

When light hits an uneven surface that doesn't absorb it.

What happens to light when it hits an uneven surface?

Light will be both absorbed and will be reflected unevenly (scattered) when impinging on a surface that is irregular. It depends on the light and the surface, but some light will be absorbed, and the rest (a little or a lot) will be scattered when it is reflected in different directions.

When light hits a rough surface what happens?

when light hits a rough surface it scattters.

What happens when light hits a shiny surface?

It reflects the light, that is how the surface seems shiny.When light hits a shiny surface it is reflected and is sometimes bent.

What happens to light when it hits a dark surface?

In that case, much of the light will be absorbed.

What happens when light hits a rough surface?

It scatters everywhere.

What happens when hits a black surface?

im assuming that u meant "what happens when LIGHT hits a black surface?" the reason for this is that the black surface ABSORBS the light, and so none of the light waves can be reflected back (which is what makes it look black)

What happens when some of the light hits the surface of the water?

It refracts. It refracts.

What happens when light reflects off a rough surface?

When light hits a rough surface it is scattered according to the refractive index of the surface. The rougher the surface, the duller that it will seem.

What happens when a beam of light hits a smooth surface?

light rays reflects in straight lines

What happens to light when it hits a smooth surface?

It is reflected at the same angle to the normal. The normal is a line perpendicular to the surface.

What happens when sunlight hits a dark surface?

The sunlight will be absorbed by the surface.If the surface is a mirror,lesser light will be absorbed.More will be reflected. If the surface is black,more light will be absorbed.

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