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The "average" walking speed of man is 1 to three miles per hour. In a hundred yard dash, man can do 18 miles per hour.

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Q: What is the average speed of a man per hour in miles?
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If a man drives 220 miles in 330 minutes what is the average speed in miles per hour?

40 miles.

What is the average when a man drives for 4 hrs at the speed of 50 miles per hour?


How far can an average man walk in an hour?

3 miles, walking speed is approximately 3MPH

A man leaves his house and walks for 2 hours After walking in a straight line for two hours he is 10 miles from home Calculate the man's average speed in terms of miles per hour?

Average speed = (delta-X) / (delta-T) = (10 miles) / (2 hours) = 5 miles per hour

How fast can the average man sprint?

The average man can sprint 15. 9 miles per hour. The record holder for the fastest 100 meter is Usain Bolt. He ran at a foot speed of 27. 44 miles per hour.

A man accepts a bet and circumnavigates the earth in 80 days Using 6200 miles as the circumference of the earth at his latitude determine the average speed in miles over hour?

3.229 miles/hour

How fast can the average man run?

The average man can run at 10-12 miles per hour, which is about the beginning speed of a person riding a bike (8mph-12mph)

What is the fastest speed ran by man?

1234 miles per hour

A man traveled from A to B at 40 miles per hour and then from B to A at 60 miles per hour what was his average speed during the entire journey?

the average speed is 50 because 60+ 40= 100 divided by 2 = 50 and remember add them up and divide by the number of numbers you have

How fast does the average man walk?

2 miles per hour

What is a cat speed?

up to 31 miles an hour [ 5 miles faster than the fastest man]

What is the average speed of a man walking quickly?

about 6-7 km/hour

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