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Q: What is the focal length of a plane glass?
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What is power of plane glass sheet?

it is zero . Power = 1/focal length The focal length of a plane glass or mirror is infinite, therfore power is zero

What will be the focal length and power of a plane glass plate?

When light passes through the glass plate, the light doesn't bent so the focal length becomes infinity. And we have power=1/focal length, so power remains zero.

What is a focal length of a plane mirror?

Focaal length for plane mirror is 0

What is the power of a plane mirror?

Power is ZERO Since power = 1/ focal length As focal length of plane mirror is infinity, its reciprocal is 0

What determines the characteristics of images seen through a magnifying glass?

focal length

How does the focal plane change as you change magnification?

It does not. For an explanation of "focal plane" see the question What is the focal plane?

How does the focal plane change as you change the magnification?

It does not. For an explanation of "focal plane" see the question What is the focal plane?

How you can find focal length of plane?

Are you sure about this? In my book, the only things to have focal lengths are lenses and other optical imaging systems.

Will a simple magnifying glass used properly form an image just inside the focal length?

Yes, but it will not be clearly resolved because it is not at the focal length. The same could be said for the image just outside the focal length. The further from the focal length the attempt is made to resolve the image, the poorer the resolution will become.

Would an eyepiece with greater focal length increase or decrease magnification?

Magnification = focal length of the objective/focal length of the eyepieceIncrease focal length of the eyepiece ===> decreasemagnification.

If a telescope has an objective lens of 3 inches what is the focal length?

The size (diameter) of a lens does not determine its focal length. The amount of curvature of the lens does. Citing a diameter for a lens doesn't help us find the focal length. Lenses are ground to specifications that allow short or long focal length. The more curved the lens, the shorter the focal length. You can see this if we specify a given curvature and then start to "flatten" the lens. The focal length will get longer and longer as the lens is flattened. When the lens is flat (has to curvature) the lense has an infinite focal length, just like a piece of flat glass.

How do you measure focal length?

focal length is measured in mm

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