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The velocity is changing and is not constant. Velocity is speed as well as direction so there is a continuous change in velocity which means there is acceleration.

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Which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

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Q: Why is a car accelerating when it is circling at a constant speed?
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If a car is traveling in a straight line at a constant speed is it accelerating?

No. 'Acceleration' means a change in speed or direction over time. If the car is moving at a constant speed in a constant direction, then it isn't accelerating.

What is the acceleration of a car going a constant speed of 100?

A car going at a constant speed is not accelerating (its rate of acceleration is zero).

What is the accleration of a car traveling for 2.5 at a constant speed of 95?

0. "Constant speed" means it is not accelerating.

How can a car be accelerating if its speed is constant at 65 miles per hour?

it can't

How can a car be travelling at a constant speed yet be be accelerating?

Yes - - - if it's turning.

Is a car going at a constant speed around a curve accelerating?

Yes, it is accelerating into a different velocity (i.e. direction)

An object cannot be accelerating if it has a constant speedtrue or false?

An object with a constant (vector)velocity is not accelerating. An object with a constand (scalar)speed can actually be accelerating, a car with a constant speed that passes around a corner is changing direction and is subjected to a lateral acceleration.

Why is a car traveling at a constant speed in a circle always accelerating?

Because its velocity is changing all the time. The speed is constant, the velocity is not.

Is a car taking a turn at a constant speed is accelerating true or false?

is a car faster then a horse answer fals

A car is driving at constant velocity Is the car accelerating?

No. The car is not accelerating if at constant velocity. Acceleration is the change in velocity with time.

How is it possible for a car moving at constant speed be accelerating?

Not possible, acceleration dV/dt =0.

Can an object be accelerating if it has a constant speed?

Yes. Acceleration means either speed or direction is changing. If direction is changing,then that's acceleration, even if speed is constant.

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