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the thermometer is thin because it is faster to read the temperature

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Q: Why is clinical thermometer have a thin glass wall?
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What makes clinical thermometer sensitive?

The thin glass wall which allows heat energy to be conducted easily.

Why the bulb of a laboratory thermometer has a thin wall?

The glass around the bulb in a clinical thermometer (the conventional one) is thin because glass is not a good conductor of heat. The clinician and the patient don't want to wait half an hour to get a good temperature reading. By using the thinner glass, the transfer of heat into the thermometer's fluid will be more rapid than it would with an instrument with thicker glass.

What makes a liquid-in-glass thermometer sensitive to a small change of temperature?

a bulb with a thin glass wall

Why are incandescent bulbs typically made of very thin glass?

The thin glass help avoid shattering due to different expansion rate of different part of the glass wall.

What is a wall thermometer?

A wall thermometer measures the room temperature.

What are the four kinds of thermomether?

radio thermometer,wall thermometer,oral thermometer and water thermometer

Why does a thermometer have alcohol inside it?

it does not stick the wall of thermometer it expand regularly

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A wall thermometer.

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