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Women pee sat down because they don't have a penis to direct the urine.

If you want to pee like a woman just sit down, you technically won't be peeing like a woman because the physiology is completely different

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โˆ™ 2014-10-12 11:33:21
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Q: How do men pee like women?
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Can women pee like men?

Yes. Women pee. Go back to fifth grade health

Is it normal for men to watch women pee?

"Normal" is subjective and doesn't really give any foundation for measurement. Some women (and men) like watching the opposite sex pee. It is a sexual fetish. The "viewer" is aroused or gains some other satisfaction from it. It is usually harmless. If it has become an addiction then it needs to be treated as any other addiction.

Who can pee further men or women?

Of course women, if they can direct their streams horizontally. Have you ever heard how women pee? It's much louder than men.

Why man like to pee on women?

You might want to do that when having sex. It's like a habit men like to do.

Do women injoy peeing on men or men drining there pee?

This is called golden showers and there are some women who enjoy having men drink their pee and vice versa.

Can boys squat and pee?

yes some men do squat and pee like women. it is common in India to see men squating and peeing in public. they do it because urinating like a woman excites them. it also gives them privacy

Should men pee in women?

The woman likely would not like that! Secondly, you cannot pee when you have a woodie. Thirdly, urine is sterile, for whatever good that might do you.

How much do you pee per day?

Men pee about 2 liters per day. Women pee about 3 liters per day.

Why do men put pee in a bottle.?

It is only if they are stuck in traffic and are affraid to go outside and pee so they grab a bottle and pee in it! WOMEN CAN TOO!

Do boys like boys and girls?

Some men like men, some men like women, some men like both men and women. Some women like men, some women like women, some women like both men and women. Different people love in different ways :)

How do women pee in urinals?

NOOOO!!!!!!! they don't, they are designed for men, which is why they are in mens toilets !!!

Why do girls pee sitting down?

girls pee sitting down because they do not have a tube like men. they can't control where it goes like men can

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