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In order to promote self esteem to a stroke patient, you are going to have to try and help them come to realize that they have a medical condition that may or may not at any fault of their own. Another way to help promote self esteem could be to introduce other stroke patient's with similar stories.

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2013-05-23 00:03:10
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Q: How do you promote self esteem and motivation to a stroke patient?
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What will be a stroke persons self esteem?

Telling them how nice they look would be one of many ways to stroke another persons self esteem.

What are the odds of a full stroke recovery?

The odds of a full stroke recovery depend on the severity of the stroke, its location, and the age of the patient.

Treatment for heat stroke?

Hydration and cooling the patient.

How do you mobilize a stroke patient?

A large dose of HMI

What is the purpose for the NIH Stroke Scale?

The NIH Stroke scale is a tool used by medical professionals to evaluate a patient's neurological deficits following a stroke. This tool is used in part to predict what the patient's short and long term outcomes will be.

What is the name of the drug given to a stroke patient?

insulin and diateben

What factors affect relearning of speech and mobility after a stroke with paralysis and difficulty speaking?

The severity of the strokeWhether the person has additional strokes or TIAsThe patient's attitude, motivation, ability to hope and maintain faithThe knowledge and patience of "the teachers" (therapists)Whether the patient enters Stroke Rehab or gets no servicesThe patient's patience with self and with the therapistsThe patient's determination to continue repetitive exercises, even after going homeThe understanding that Stroke recovery happens in stages: it may take 1-2 years to get speech back; up to 5 years for more progressThe understanding that severe Stroke may leave residual effectsThe willingness to try new ways, even if it feels awkwardThe ability to moderate frustrationThe determination to not just give upAnd, having family and friends who continue to help and emotionally support the patient throughout the process.

What are the age factors that affect relearning speech and mobility after stroke?

how does age affect relearning speech and mobility for a stroke patient

What is the best position to transport a stroke patient who is conscious?

recovery position

How can the nurse aide assist the person who had stroke to ambulate?

To assist a patient who had a stroke ambulated you would want to make sure you support the patient's affected side the most. If the patient seems unsteady make sure you use more people to help as appropriate.

How does internal body temperature differ in heat exhaustion and heat stroke?

In a heat stroke patient, the body temperature will be much higher.

Symptoms of gallbladder attack in stroke patient?

A stroke patient will show the same symptoms of a gallbladder attack as anyone else would. Some symptoms include abdominal pain, heartburn, vomiting, nausea, and fever.

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